Dread At The Controls

Digital Single
[Muti Music – 2011]

1. Dread At The Controls
2. Dread At The Controls (Edit)
3. Drum Play
4. Drum Play (FreQ’s Mash Up The Dancehall Edit)

Released by boundary-pushing San Francisco label Muti Music in early 2011, ‘Dread at the Controls’ fuses its lush Detroit strings and skittery 2-step beats with wobble bass and a stupendous glitched-out dub-step breakdown. Backing it is ‘Drum Play’, a drum-step roller with the speed of drum&bass, the swagger of dancehall, and wall-to-wall sub pressure.


“At the time this was the first tune I had finished in a few years with out being super rushed as I had been for the giveback.net releases. And what do I go and do? Release a ‘four-ti-the-floor’ samba-detroit-techno-dubstep-house record. What is wrong with me?????

I find it really hard to do what people expect of me and I can’t work out whether I am shooting myself in the foot or increasing my cache as a diverse and interesting artist. I suspect the former. Having said that I love the tune and am very proud of it and that probably has a lot to do with Uberzone’s mixing skills who did the final mix down. It actually came out pretty much as I’d hoped which is a rare occurrence. Sure I still have little OCD perfectionist reservations, things I’d like to change, but it pretty much works for me.

It was also cool to have something out on Muti Music as Dov and I have known each other forever and Muti are killing it on the West Coast bass scene right now. It was a suitably odd tune for a FreQ Nasty re-entry to serious tune making after 3 years off studying, doubly so as it fitted in no where… as usual.”

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