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I left Reno on a high after debuting the latest master copies of my ‘Low FreQuency Pureland EP’. It all sounded pretty tight I am happy to say! Here’s a little vid of ‘Warm Dark Place’ hitting the system…

Going from the vast dry deserts of Nevada to the small(ish) Mid-Western city of Kansas City is a big change. Gone is the ephemeral glitz of Reno (which I love), replaced by a sense of history and beautiful stately stone buildings in the central downtown area of Missouri’s biggest city. We had a flight change and a time change after an eye-wateringly early flight out of Reno, so the moon was out by the time we got into town.

It was my first time playing in Kansas City and it was looking like a juicy gig from the off with Zeds Dead, Benga, Mimosa, and Ana Sia also on the bill. I arrived at the venue and caught Ana playing her brand of deep subby goodness and there were already 1500 or more ravers in the house – this was at 7:30 pm! The crowd looked amazing – all decked out in dope costumes, big smiles and ready to go hard to some serious bass action.

The production was sick. The venue was the historic Midlands theatre and they had recently spent $30,000,000 doing it up – and it looked like it! All plush red velvet curtains, huge domed ceilings, 500,000 feet of gold leaf and insane Czechoslovakian hand-cut crystal chandeliers throughout.

God knows what a 16 year old raver must be thinking if this was their first rave – and it was for many people I spoke to! Many minds blown that night methinks.

The sound system was heavy and filled the big space evenly and the KC ravers were MAD for it. I was stunned by how friendly and chill everyone was and I got to meet and hang with a bunch of you out in the lobby after my set.

And to top it all off, Mike the promoter handed me a box of handmade FreQ Nasty cookies made by his super sweet, PHD-toting partner – who also happens to be head of Swoon Cookie Crafters. Talk about class! And here I sit the next day writing this blog munching away on the very same cookies. As you can probably tell I am very impressed with Kansas City and hope to be back soon!

OK that’s me. If you got any good pix of from any of these gigs hit me up on facebook with em!

And stay tuned for the ‘Low FreQuency Pureland EP’, available from Dec 6th!


Darin Nasty

  • Metallifan25

    Freq nasty went hard in KC, I was front row for the whole set!

    • FreQ

      Thanks Metallifan! I Had a great time out there, you guys really made it something special!

  • Trancez1lla

    Hell yeah I got to speak with him after the show, he’s legit

    • FreQ

      Trancez1lla… Thats a sick name 🙂
      Yeah it was wicked getting to chat to you guys after the gig. Hit me up any time .
      d nasty

  • Champ_123

    Had a blast talking to you! Thanks for the compliment on my little headdress! 🙂

    • FreQ

      EZ Champ! I have to say you KC ravers know how to get dressed up for party. Makes the vibe to have you all runnin’ around in all your wicked costumes. Wish I’d got more pix. I’ll see if any more come in, but post em up if you have em! blessup , darin nasty

  • Nwilson08

    Freq Nasty, your a beast!! Come back anytime <3

    • FreQ

      As soon as they’ll have me!!! 🙂 Stay in touch… blessup darin nasty