Did you know there is a Bass scene in India? Sure it’s mostly big room tunes in the mainstream, but below is an article I wrote for DJ Mag reviewing Goa’s SUNBURN Festival – which I played with B.R.E.E.D and Nucleya in December.

It’s not often you get asked to play somewhere as magically insane, mystical and utterly bonkers as India.

I had visited India twice before this trip to Sunburn Festival – once as a backpacker, and once to see my Yoga teacher’s Guru a few years before he died. With the relatively recent onset of Western style consumer capitalism pushing this ancient culture forward I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I found myself fascinated by the place, the people and the culture, and never encountered much dance music other than at religious festivals. In fact, having departed from two big Western cities each time (Sydney and London respectively), I had avoided Western culture as much as possible, and immersed myself in the traditional music – although some local pop music and Bollywood got thru the high brow culture filter I have to admit 🙂

But this time my trip took me through two of India’s biggest cities, Mumbai and Dheli, and then Goa, one of the most highly trafficked tourist spots for India’s biggest raves. Not only did I find a very modernized India with a massive dance music following, but also a healthy bass scene intent on making a dent on the international stage. I wrote a review of the Sunburn Festival for DJ Mag – you can check my full India Rave experience in the article below. Got a good little plug for the Subcontinental Bass scene in there.

Zoom in to read, or grab the DL and read at your leisure: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Goa Bass - DJ Magazine - FreQ Nasty
Goa Bass - DJ Magazine - FreQ Nasty


  • thanks for the shout out boss dj

  • Snareophobe

    Wicked article! We went out there to play 3 shows in Oct last year and were blown away by the vibe, such an an amazing opportunity to be playing music there in these exciting times. You could clearly see the blossoming of a new scene with so much love and passion for bass music… truly inspiring. Bigup!

    • Freq

      Yes mate . it’s wicked right ?
      You going back this year?

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