Here’s some clips of my new ‘Low FreQuency Pureland’ EP, coming out December 6th…

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and let me know what you think!

Darin Nasty

01. ‘Warm Dark Place’
Warm Dark Place is a glitch-hop and drumstep hybrid, equal parts West Coast glitch and UK tear-out. The influence of my time in the US Bass heaven of California is obvious with a haunting melodic refrain offsetting the hefty bass pressure.

02. ‘1000 Buddhas of the Pureland of Bass’
A crunkstep roller that takes the uptempo hip-hop beats of the Northern Californian hyphy movement and welds them to seismic 808 bassline. I’ve been playing this across the summer and the 808 bass solo in the middle gets em screaming every time.

03. ‘The Heart of Definitive Meaning’
A journey into the more reflective side of bass music. Swathes of guitar over a backdrop of distant chimes and revolving chords, all served on a bed of deep sub bass. It evolves slowly with an almost subliminal drop into angular stabs of low frequency voltage.

  • Rescue Posterboy

    Absolutely massive Mr Freq, bring on the full tracks, clips driving me nuts 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Glad you like em RPB! 6th Dec they’ll drop!

  • Nwilson08

    You drop this 3 days before my birthday!! Its oober hard to pick my favorite out of these tunes.. but I absolutely love your glitch hop/drumstep work in ‘warm dark place’!! Very well done, sir, on all of these pieces of art! Can’t wait til your back in KC. We miss you dearly already. <3

    • Anonymous

      Glad it was a good birthday present for you! We’ll come back to KC as soon as we can.

      Claire and Darin

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  • Anonymous

    Go the kiwi,makin ya mark….sveeeeeet