For all you DJs and MCs out there, here’s the instrumental mix and the acapella of “Not Givin’ In”.

Feel free to do your own mashups or MC versions using our instrumental or Tippa Irie’s fantastic vocals, and please send them to us! We’ll post up our favorites and I’d love to include one or two on an upcoming mixtape.

Just share this page on Twitter or Facebook and you will get an instant download of both the acapella and instrumental:

If you make a mash-up or MC version you’d like to share with us, just send it to me via any of my social networks.

Best bet is to upload to Soundcloud and then send me the Soundcloud link, so we can post them up for people to listen to!

And if you didn’t yet hear the original and fantastic remixes, you can check them all out and get a free download here: