Alex Reece – Vicious Circle (FreQ Nasty Remix)

[Island Records – Unreleased – 1998]

This never came out – Alex Reece’s 2nd album on Island was shelved as the late ’90s era of major label drum&bass albums started to come to an end. A promo single went out to DJs but I don’t think I even have a copy of my session master anymore.

If you have a copy of this tune PLEASE drop me a line at freqnasty(at)freqnasty[dot].com, I will be most thankful! And we’ll stream it up here for all to enjoy.

I remember it being pretty dark with a girl sobbing in it. I tended not to deal with emotional things very well and then make this dark and bleak music to help vent those feelings. Music has probably saved my life more than once. I don’t recommend this approach to anyone… learning to deal with your issues, in yourself and others, directly as they come up is a far easier way to live life. Just saying. Tho you should be careful you don’t end up making happy music with major key banjos and whale noises if you do get over your angst 🙂

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Alex Reece – Vicious Circle (FreQ Nasty Remix)"

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