If you happen to find yourself dancing under a full moon at an ambient juke rave in rural Wales celebrating the pagan rites of Spring, this is the tune you will want to hear. Equally at home in a wonked-out bass music club as a twilight gathering of sage-toting witches, this otherworldly slice of folk-meets-halftime-jungle induces lysergic reveries and yet still manages to hold the dancefloor’s attention. Hubble Bubble’s musical galaxy is sparsely populated with taught, angular amen cuts, slow-motion 808 kick drums, and hypnotic mantra-esque whispers that are time-stretched around heartily plucked Arabic string motifs. MARF’s gothic storytelling of a dalliance gone wrong orbits discordant sine waves creating an intriguing and unsettling combination. Wicca-step? Neo Soul-stice? Whatever you call it you can stream or buy it here: https://orcd.co/hubblebubble – or if you fancy yourself behind the wheels of steel you can download the mp3s below. Let us know what you think below. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lkeoiszj6cgh0bm/AAB2tlwIvXLbXnvUIQKSVjt4a?dl=0

FreQ Nasty – Hubble Bubble feat. Chris Munky & MARF


1 – Original mix
2 – FreQ & Munky Jungle remix
3 – FreQ & Munky House remix
4 – FreQ & Munky Halftime remix

BIOGRAPHIES: Bradford (UK)’s MARF is one of the most unique and compelling voices in the current musical landscape. Her rich and emotional vocal tones feature on recordings by UK jungle don Congo Natty as well as her own band La La and the Boo Ya.

UK producer Chris Munky is a versatile producer, DJ, and MC/host who has produced songs for Eva Lazurus, Dub FX, HipHop legends Chali Tuna, and Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers as well as writing a string of dancefloor smashing remixes for the likes of Sticky Buds, Ill Gates, and Dreadzone amongst others.

FreQ Nasty is a Bass music pioneer who started out in the breakbeat and breakbeat-garage genres and has since traversed as far afield as hip hop on his breakout single ‘Boomin’ Back Atcha’, punk rap on ‘Hard Night Out’ with Professor Green, and the unclassifiable ‘Creator’ with Santigold and Switch. FREQ NASTY EPK HERE



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