Bass Island Flyer

August 13th was the first time I had been into NYC since the Monsters of Bass Tour with Marty Party and Opiuo, and this time it was absolutely pissing down. It was a last minute afterparty gig for Bassnectar’s Bass Island festival off the coast of Manhattan, so we weren’t sure if the local Bass heads would be all raved out or keen to party on thru the night…

New York reminds me of London a lot… in good ways and some not so good. Like the sleeting rain and grey skies when the weather is bad. It’s not that I don’t like rain. I love the tropical rain 3 times a day in Thailand or Fiji, and not just because you have to be in Thailand or Fiji to experience it… tho that helps of course. It’s something about the lack of horizons, the pent up, claustrophobic air that big cities have when the close-lying grey blanket of clouds sets in above the perpetually drizzling rain. Not only is there no space horizontally but none vertically either.

The space needed to survive by anyone in these big cities like London and New York is created in the minds of those seeking the spoils those cities have to offer, not from any physical space. The sense of space between a person’s goals and the attainment of those goals is what gives us the will to live in these vast, loud, uncaring and over stimulating environments. Once our dreams have been attained, or have been crushed into dust, or set aside, most will leave for somewhere that has a horizon. But for some reason I am perpetually drawn back to both NYC and London, and this trip has once again proved to me that this is a good thing. The hardcore Bass fans that turned out to Le Poisson Rouge were game for anything, and half of them had been out at Bass Island all day going Mad for Bassnectar and Z-Trip but were ready for another serving so I let ‘em have it. I couldn’t believe that we managed to make it last till 4am! Props to Chad and Jay for a great party and to all you on the dancefloor. If you have any pix please put them in the drop box here/on the home page so we can get them up here in the gallery. The only horizon I needed to see that night was over the heads of the crowd to the tops of the speaker stack. As loud and stanky and crowded as you are, NYC, I know I’ll see you again soon.

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