Bon Merde

Digital Single
[High Chai Recordings – 2012]

01. Bon Merde (Liquid Stranger Remix)
02. Bon Merde (FS Remix)
03. Bon Merde (Original Mix)
04. Bon Merde (B.R.E.E.D Remix)
05. Bon Merde (Knight Riderz Rave Fire Remix)

My new single is out now on New York’s High Chai Recordings. FS (Play Me), Liquid Stranger (Rottun Recordings), Knight Riderz (Muti Music) and B.R.E.E.D. (High Chai) have all come with sick mixes. Grab the free Knight Riderz remix to the left, or listen to all tracks below…

Liquid Stranger brings heavy hiphop/drumstep/drum’n’bass hybrid vibes, all seamlessly blended into a top notch club smasher.

FS has come with a heavy dose of driving dubstep which I like a lot: menacing yet compelling and just a little scary. Just the way we like it.

– The B.R.E.E.D mix is a reggae-inflected drumstep system banger, where he brings his trademark dub sound system FX and bass mayhem – awesome.

– And Knight Riderz deliver some glitched-out beats and bass that switch up into moombhavibes half way thru – leftfield but still dancefloor. Canada’s most underrated electronic act.

– That just leaves my original mix – some where between epic cinematics and jump-up ragga, the original has come thru several incarnations to get here and I’m super happy with how it’s turned out.FreQ Nasty - Bon Merde

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