Boomin Back Atcha ft. Phoebe One

[Botchit & Scarper – 1999]

01. Boomin’ Back Atcha (feat. Phoebe One)
02. Boomin’ Back Atcha (Hybrid’s ‘Music To Plough Fields To’ Mix)
03. Boomin’ Back Atcha (Original)

12? Vinyl / CD / Download

A groundbreaking collaboration! The 1997 proto-breaks anthem and first ever FreQ Nasty track was revisited two years later ahead of the debut album release, upgraded with the now-classic vocal from Phoebe One and given a remix from breaks stalwarts Hybrid.

Original mix available on the 1999 album ‘FreQ’s Geeks And Mutilations’. Also available: ‘Boomin Back Atcha’ (original release) and ‘Boomin Back Atcha (Remixes)’.

“Boomin Back Atcha – My first single for Botchit & Scarper tho it was originally done for the Big Beat compilation ‘Give ‘Em Enough Dope’.

People keep asking where I sampled the vocal snippets came from and for a long time I didn’t have an answer. I had finished the tune in the basement of UK jungle label SOUR’s studios in Dalston (London) and felt it needed something else. I didn’t have any samples handy that I liked, so I scoured the studio and found some old DAT tapes (another outdated digital storage format since relegated to the scrap heap of technological progress) down the back of one of the cabinets.

Many people came thru that studio and I never found out who it was that recorded them off of whatever the source material was, but I popped it in the DAT tape player and found these awesome samples about a sound coming from Mars that perfectly suited the retro sci-fi feel of the tune. So I sampled them up and spun them in and that happy accident completed the tune that kind of birthed FreQ Nasty into the UK and international underground music scene.

UK rapper Phoebe One blessed this re-release. Her vocal is a whole other story we’ll get into another time. She’s a wicked MC and a very nice lady too. The lead line is off of the now-classic Novation Bass Station hardware synth.?

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