Cheesy Strings Incident Mixtape

DJ Mix
[ – 2012]

Here’s a cheeky mixtape featuring both tunes from MartyParty and my collaboration single, and some related jams cut from similar genetic material that I have been enjoying lately.

I’ve left some signposts below for each track and what it means to me to help you on your journey. Discard the map if it’s not useful for your listening pleasure. Or add to it if it is. As always please let us know what you think!

Download available via my Facebook:

And check out the single with a free download of “Hot Delux” here.

01 Marty Party & FreQ Nasty – Hot Delux
New single from myself and MartyParty – going for a silky trap vibe, one for those sick of bro steppin’ and want to put their feet up on the cello players flight case and chillax – Silkstep is here. I just made that up… can you tell?

02 Stanza – Runaway ft. Grimm (DisasZt Remix)
Excellent example of a new breed of tunes that play with the boundary between glitch-hop and drumstep without really being either.

03 Marty Party & FreQ Nasty – Beethoven’s Filth
This one’s for the bro steppers whose face craves 110 degrees farenheit for 5 minutes but too classy to ask for it straight up. Talk about a string cheese incident – this sucker’s got more cod classical strings than you could shake a stick at. Cover your boatrace with mushrooms and your favorite fromage and stick your face in front of the speaker cone for a slice of your (un)usual.

04 SJ – M (This is all the info I have – hit me on Facebook if it’s yours!)
I don’t know who did this. I found it in my promos folder. Love it . Kinda deep and slightly wonky with a lush almost Detroit edge which I am a fool for.

05 Killaflaw – Milk & Whiskey (FreQ Nasty Remix)
My remix of UK band Killaflaw’s killer single – I added a cheeky dash of trap music stylings, mixed a splash of freshly squeezed crunk into the bluesy lead vocal, and then poured the whole thing all over a wash of 808 kick drum, which gives the impression of a cybernetic Robert Johnson emoting his longing to have his oil changed by HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Wall Of Sound will be putting this out later in the year, more details as we have ‘em!

06 Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – Test Me
Great trap vibe with the meisters FD and Sliink. Nothing crazy but a great example of the genre.

07 DJ Spaz ft. DJ Sliink – Snap Backs and Tattoos (Bandit remix)
There’s a bunch of stuff out there that sounds like Baltimore club/trap hybrids bringing an uptempo vibe to the half time trap feel, which is a nice relief after a night of 808s and slow…mo….tion….beats.

08 Starkey – Drop Like This
Great sub tune from Starkey – lots of bass as a bed for some rapid percussion that drives everything along on the double-time. The vocal sample is interspersed with a little rave stab but that’s about all you get . So hard to do tunes this simple and make em stick. Top shelf .

09 ETC!ETC! & Brillz – Swoop (Rex Riot Remix)
I love this. Another dustup/trap hybrid. No wobble and just a little growl, but lots of more experimental drop sounds that bring a fresh feel and balances out the bro-ness out there right now. Throw in a double-time Baltimore break and you have a satisfying but weird mix of newness with more newness with a dash of newness on the side. Tasty.

10 TC – Tap Ho (Dubstep VIP)
On the more hip-hop and melodic end of things, I guess this is dubstep but much more in tune with the melodic side of things. TC is generally on fire and whatever he touches is class

11 Blue Daisy – Insomniac Love
Been listening to more DEEEEEP dubby shiz like this. Beautiful, hypnotic and otherworldly it’s an aural trip that takes you beyond conceptual thought into a realm of indescribably beautiful colors and shapes massaging your being into transcendent forms and then spitting it back out into consensus reality with the scent of the unfathomable still clinging to you … or something very much like that.

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