Dread At The Controls Remixed

Digital EP

[Muti Music – 2012]

01. Dread At The Controls
02. Dread At The Controls (Culprate Remix)
03. Dread At The Controls (Greg Reve Mix)
04. Dread At The Controls (Sugarpill Remix)
05. Dread At The Controls (LowRIDERz Remix)
06. Dread At The Controls (FreQ’s Get Yer FreQ On Edit)

Muti Music have put together a selection of amazing mixes of my 2011 single from West Coast Acid Crunk heroes LowRiderz (An-Ten-Nae and DJ Laura), Headtron’s post-dubstep star Sugarpill, UK’s own dnb/drumstep heavy hitter Culprate, and a man who you just can’t pigeon hole into any one genre (other than “sick”), South Africa’s Greg Reve.

Culprate comes with some genre-bending mayhem which takes my original and keeps the reflective feel but adds some fangs to the gnarly drop that bites both the dubstep and breaks genres without sounding like either. Ridonkulous.

Greg Reve takes a typically thoughtful approach that alternates between kicking your butt into orbit with a gnarly house tempo half time drop, and then gently placing on planet melody. I’m not sure what planet Greg Reve is from but this mix is actually weirder than mine…

West Coast up and comer Sugarpill is known for his deep, luscious soundscapes over a plentiful bottom end and that’s just what he delivers here. Shooting from a faster mid-tempo range brings an edge to his mix that we haven’t heard on his previous productions. It’s both a really sweet listener and great system tune when the 40 hertz frequency is dialled in to the “LARGE” setting.

Acid crunk is the LowRiderz forte and they bring the deep 808 bass love with robotic electro warbling to create a low-slung slow-burner that is equally at home on the dancefloor or ghost riding yer Camry station wagon. Slow burning dance floor dynamite.

Plus there’s a cheeky “Get Yer FreQ On” vocal edit I put together on a ragga vibe. Thought it might tickle the fancy of some of those who like a more upfront sound.

Enjoy 🙂

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