Greetings Beat Seekers and Sub-aholics – I have something a bit different for you, something I think is a little bit special…

After 2 years of honing the live band and building a catalogue of music to perform, the ‘World Music’ meets ‘Electronic beats and Bass’ project, Dub Kirtan All Stars, that I’ve been nurturing with me ol‘ mate David Starfire is ready for your ears at last.

The first EP is called ‘Subsonic Devotion’. It’s sweet and sexy, and heavy and driving by turns, and features the voices of the incredibly talented Chaytanya and Arjun Baba. Both singers are steeped in the traditional modes of their art but have been to their fair share of raves too, so we’re stoked to have them grace the DKAS project. We hope to offer some fresh vibes to both fans of traditional Asian music and fans of future Beats and Bass Music… have a listen and see for yourself!

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And as always please let me know what you think.

Keep on keepin on with what you love


Darin Nasty

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