DJ Deekline vs FreQ Nasty –
Every Posse & Crew

[Rat Records – 2002]

DJ DeeKline vs FreQ Nasty

01. Every Posse & Crew
02. Every Posse & Crew (Dancefloor Bully Remix)

12″ Vinyl / Download

“This was a 12? I did with Nick aka DJ Deekline for his label Rat Records, tho it was also licensed to many comps at the time and I guess was one of the early hard edged breakbeat/garage records using the Access ‘Virus’ synth that was the precursor to the Native Instruments ‘Massive’ synth. Both the Access ‘Virus’ Synth and it’s musical heir, NI’s ‘Massive’ sound was so distinct that they actually shaped the sound of the musical genres using it. Virus and NI Massive should both get an award for influencing the sound of modern bass music so completely.

So anyway, Nick came over to the studio and he had a very unusual technique of putting a record together. Most of the time he distracted me by practicing his scratching on my decks at the back of the studio, and every now again he would shout “listen to this!? and play me some sample he had found and had been feverishly scratching over my attempts to mix the drums. I would sample it and he’d focus for a short period while we placed the samples into the tune, and then he’d go back to scratching loudly while I attempted to mix. But some how he managed to stamp his signature on the record. How he did this I am not sure… maybe some sort of Jedi mind control?? However he did it I know I wouldn’t have made this record by myself. I think the collaboration was pretty effective and it was the highest selling 12? on Rat Records at the time… and may be to this day. I’ll have to ask DJ Deekline.”

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