Hybrid – Higher Than A Skyscraper
(FreQ Nasty’s Ragga Rock Relic)

[Distinct’ive Records – 2004]

Taken from the Hybrid single ‘Higher Than A Skyscraper’ – 12″ Vinyl / CD

“I wanted to bring together the rock basses of the Hybrid original and the dancehall beat at 135 bpm which no one else had done at this time as far as I was aware. I thought it was pretty well executed myself. It freaked a few people out and was too out of the box for the breaks scene in general, which by this time had become all about the dancefloor bangers using the same format, the same beats, and the same sounds. They were very well produced but experimental or deep tunes were dying out fast.

The Hybrid boys liked it and I achieved what I set out to do so we we’re all happy. The vocal there is another contribution from London’s Spoonface. It was a spare verse from the Kelis remix I did for the Virgin/Arista single that didn’t get used – you can hear the, ahem, thematic similarity.

The tune I did for the game Wipeout called ‘Grand Theft’ was on a similar 135 bpm dancehall tip with basslines. I’ll try and find that one at some stage too.”

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