Santogold – Creator

Creator (vs. Switch and FreQ Nasty)

[Downtown – 2008]

Available on the single ‘Creator / LES Artistes’ and the album ‘Santogold’.

Also available on ‘I Believe In Santogold’ EP with instrumental and acapella.

LP Vinyl / CD / Download

“This tune started off as something we made for laughs but then took on a life of its own. Dave Switch and I had met while touring in Oz together around Christmastime 2005, and following a brief stint in the studio in Sydney we realized we’d be in NYC at the same time the coming March. After deciding to rent a studio in Brooklyn (and one Uptown if I remember rightly) and throw some beats together, the plan was to find some vocalists and bang a few 12″s out ourselves. Diplo was playing at Cielo in Manhattan that weekend so we went along as he is a mate of Dave’s. He recommended this girl called Santi who was at the club that night to do some vocals for us. She was currently in a local punk band called ‘Stiffed’, tho we later found out Diplo had never heard her sing.

We met at the studio the next day and she loved the ‘Creator’ beat we had finished just a day or two before, so she sat down in the vocal booth to write. We could hear her thru the monitors chatting out the rhythm while she was looking for a melody and it sounded great – so we suggested ?why don’t you do it as a rap?. She said, “ I haven’t rapped since I was 16, but I’ll have a go?… and of course she was amazing! She has such a great ear for hooks as well as a quirky outlook and strong lyrical imagery. She did a wicked job and soon enough it ended up on just about every blog known to mankind and launched her career as Santagold (now Santigold).

I’m real proud of the track, and it’s one of those ‘out of the box’ records that defies categorization and is still successful. Part hip-hop, part dubstep, part sung, part rapped, and doesn’t really sound like anything else… Tho it seems almost obvious now after the rise of dubstep, at the time it was pretty quirky and shouldn’t really have worked as well as it did.”

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