Kelis – Milkshake
(FreQ Nasty’s Hip-Hall Remix)

[Virgin – 2004]

Taken from the Kelis single – “Milkshake”

12? Vinyl / CD / Download

“I am still really proud of this mix. It was before any one had really half-timed beats as we’re so used to now with dubstep, and there was no dubstep around to speak of. On this remix I was more influenced by dancehall than anything else, but I wanted to add the heaviness of electronic production to the mix to a slower heavier groove. So I cut the current dancefloor tempo in half and voila – another FreQ Nasty record that didn’t fit in any one’s set at the time. Actually I lie. Apparently it got caned in the West London broken beat scene, a scene that was so underground that it never really made it out of Notting Hill Gate, but did produce some great records like Seiji’s ‘Loose Lips’ featuring Lyric L.

The Neptunes-produced original is a landmark tune now and a big departure from the r’n’b and hip-hop of that time. When I got the song parts from the record company (on DAT – Digital Audio Tape… a long dead digital format) and listened to them, even I was surprised at how out of tune that lead synth was… and they had the balls to leave it like that and rely on vibe rather than doing the ‘right’ thing and trying to retune it. And this is why the Neptunes were head and shoulders above everyone else for so long. Out-of-the-box thinkers with strong traditional composing skills to hold the experiments together. No one has really filled their place since they have dropped off the mainstream radar.

This was a project I was very happy to be involved with. I beefed up the loudness of the master in the music page here on the site as everything has gotten so much LOUDER since then. Essentially it’s the same remix other than that.”

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(FreQ Nasty’s Hip-Hall Remix)"

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