Mad Situation feat. Junior Delgado

Digital Single
[Skint Records – 2005]

01. Mad Situation feat. Junior Delgado
02. Mad Situation feat. Junior Delgado (Rob Mello Mix)

12″ Vinyl Promo / Download

Original available on the 2003 album ‘Bring Me The Head Of FreQ Nasty’.

“Working with Junior Delgado was huge honor for me. He was one of the old school reggae greats and started making tunes at the age of 16 or something ridiculous. His voice had this immense air of authority and the weight of a lifetime of experience from the Jamaican reggae scene in the ’70s thru to touring the world as an elder statesman of the sound.

I was kinda nervous working with him as I didn’t know how militantly Rasta he would be. After living in Brixton for many years I had learnt the hard way that some Rastas think that the only people that should have dreads are fellow Rastas, regardless of the fact that dreads appear in many cultures all over the world for many thousands of years before Rastafarianism emerged relatively recently. But when I walked into his UK studio in deep in the heart of south London and saw the two posters on the wall I knew it would be fine. There were only two people up there to inspire him onto greater heights of creativity thru the day – John Lennon and Bob Marley. True to his renegade spirit and equanimous attitude to all, he had chosen two of the 20th centuries most talented musicians and hardcore social agitators who were far more similar than their music or skin color would ever show.

It was a great honor directing the vocal takes (not to mention very surreal) as I had so much respect for him and what he has done. Check out ‘Sons of Slaves’ (produced by Lee Perry) or ‘Storm is Coming’. The track he was working on was almost tech breaks rather than reggae so it was definitely out of genre for him – not that it seemed to bother him at all. I had written the song pretty much completely on the guitar before bringing him the beat, so it was just a matter of getting Junior’s monster vocals into the computer. I played this a lot when I was pushing the reggae/ragga breaks sound around the time of the Y4K mix album. I’m still pretty proud of it.”

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