MartyParty & FreQ Nasty – Beethoven’s Filth

Digital Single
[FreQ Nasty Recordings – 2012]

01. Beethoven’s Filth
02. Hot Delux

Me good pal MartyParty and I decided that the colonials (South Africa and NZ respectively) needed to share the love when it comes to all things Bass and Strings. So we holed up in our favorite virtual space with nothing but zeroes and ones for company, and emerged after what seemed like eons later with this pair of tuxedo’d and top-hatted bad boys. I’m very happy to say that we are now sharing them with you for the first time as release number 002 on FreQ Nasty Recordings.

Grab the free download of Hot Delux via email sign-up right here:

And you can get the full release in high quality or lossless for a nifty $1.99 in the FREQ STORE, or free with any of our tees, tanks, or the twist-out eco FreQ USB stick which comes packed with 9 tracks including the first release on FreQ Nasty Recordings and rare collaborations with Bassnectar and Propa Tingz.

Beethoven’s Filth
This one’s for the bro-stepper whose face craves 110 degrees fahrenheit for 5 minutes but is too classy to ask for it straight up. Talk about a string cheese incident – this sucker’s got more cod classical strings than you could shake a pizza peel at (the thing you stick a pizza into the oven with, dummy). Cover your boatrace with mushrooms and your favorite fromage and stick your face in front of the speaker cone for a slice of your (un)usual.

Hot Delux
Going for a silky trap vibe, one for those sick of bro steppin’ and want to put their feet up on the cello players flight case and chillax – Silkstep is here. I just made that up… can you tell?

There’s also a cheeky mix tape featuring both tunes from the single and some related jams cut from similar genetic material that I have been enjoying lately, which you can get HERE.

As always please let us know what you think! Many thanks for all your support and messages of encouragement and inspiration. Enjoy!!

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