Metisse – Sousounde (FreQ Nasty vs BLIM Remix)

[Wildstar Records – 1998]

This was one of those tunes where BLIM and I went in and just bounced off each other. It sounds impossibly light now, but it definitely bought some new juice to the breakbeat sound when it came out. How times change 🙂

This and the Steve Reich ‘Desert Music’ remix were landmark tunes for BLIM and me and I’m pretty proud of them still. We did them both in our Archetype studio – tho not sure if it was in its Brixton incarnation (where we got kicked out for being too loud), or its Jamestown East London incarnation (where we did most of our work together).

BLIM was a great producer and definitely influenced me a lot, especially in the early days where he had come from ‘the 1st Summer of Love’ rave culture in Manchester while I was living off 3 month out-of-date copies of NME in Auckland trying to get out of New Zealand ASAP and over to London.

He bought me into rave sounds and culture which a really fucking HATED at first when I heard my much loved old funk and reggae records sped up to chipmunk tempos. I got over it eventually I’m happy to say. It was very ‘not cool’ to be ravey for a long long time and I’m glad to hear the new generation of dubstep producers get their cheesy pianos and sped up diva vocals out as they worship at the alter of ’90s rave culture like their parents before them probably did with Henrdrix and Led Zepplin. Rave on dude!

There’s an instrumental mix of this kicking about – please email me freqnasty(at)freqnasty[dot]com if you have a copy!

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