Move Back

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[Botchit & Scarper – 1999]

01. Move Back
02. Hype Verse
03. Move Back (T-Power’s ‘Sociable Mugger’ Remix)

12� Vinyl / CD

“I threw this together as something to play out with the slew of Zinc’s breakbeat garage tunes that were slaying in the early 2000s. It was a bit of fun and nowhere as good as most of Zinc’s bangers. It was harder edged and less fun than a lot of the garage records and in retrospect probably was needlessly aggressive. I’m no gangsta so the sample from gun toting ’90s Gangsta rap crew Onyx was more of a reflection of my own general inner angst than a badman lifestyle.

Oddly enough I played with ONYX in Beijing a few years later. It seemed as if traveling around the world, being exposed to different people and ideas, and the discipline of making Hollywood films with great directors had mellowed them out somewhat. Either that or they were just great showmen, faking it all along. I wasn’t about to find by accusing anyone out loud of faking their gangsta cred, so I guess I was sold on it. But the funny thing is, they didn’t shoot anyone, ask anyone to “Move back motherfucker�, and they weren’t even skulking around the backstage. They were chill, smart, funny and seemed chuffed to be still playing music and doing what they love.

Later as I sat in my room at the hotel, the Onyx crew stopped outside my open window to smoke some weed and I overheard THE BEST hip-hop conversation about girls and weed ever. So maybe a lot had changed, and maybe some things hadn’t changed so much… on tour anyway. I smiled, shaking my head and creased up trying to laugh quietly, but I was secretly happy that some part of my naĂŻve and clichĂ©d view of my gangsta rap heroes was still intact. And yes they did kill… on stage later on. Thanks Fredro!”

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