Not Givin' In Video

Here’s a little mash-up video for my new single “Not Givin’ In” featuring legendary Saxon Sound System MC Tippa Irie alongside Californian producer Solar Lion, dropping on Halloween exclusively from Beatport.

We wanted to do put a little vid together that reflected the lyrics Tippa has written – a powerful description of some of “perilous times” that we’re living in. The US election is upon us but it’s a message that will be relevant no matter who wins, and I personally love the line “I’m not givin in”. Its about being aware of the difficulties we’re all facing in this day and age, but not giving in to cynicism or apathy and I think that’s important. Be real, but be hopeful and try and make a difference.

In the end, the efforts that each one of us make individually are all that’s going to change our world, and waiting for politicians or anyone else to solve our personal or global issues isn’t going to help. In fact thats the problem. So the song is a bit of celebration of that idea. It’s good to be aware of whats going on around us, but it’s good to dance too 🙂

Big ups Matt at Skint for pulling the video together!

Really excited to be returning to my old home Skint Records for this single, where I released my 2nd album “Bring Me The Head Of FreQ Nasty”. They’ve put together an amazing package of mixes including a storming drum’n’bass relick from Metalheadz’s RIDO, a sick trap interpretation by Mad Decent signing Flore, Tenkai’s intelligent facemelting on a dubstep tip with cheeky doubletime breaks trimmings, South Africa’s Greg Reve on 120bpm rinse out duties, and house music up-and-comer Sonny Wharton rolling out some proper 4/4 wares.

We’ll have a VIP free download of the original on release day, as well as an instrumental/acapella pack for aspiring producers, and we’re premiering the official remixes via Soundcloud (check them out here) but for now, enjoy the video and please as always give me your honest feedback in the comments here or on Youtube.


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