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[Skint Records – 2004]

01. Punkadelic
02. Punkadelic (Radioactive Man Remix)
03. Punkadelic (Krikor Remix)

Download / 12� Vinyl

“This started life as a remix for Gorillaz with Del the Funky Homosapien on vocals. Jamie Hewlett of the Gorillaz was doing the concept art work for my album (which I’ll dig out at some point) and his company was across the hall from my management’s office in west London at the time. I sped the vocal up from 100 bpm to 130 bpm and that pretty much killed the chances of it being released as a Gorillaz remix I later found out. Tho interestingly enough they came with a 130 bpm breaks based rap vocal tune soon after on the next album. It was way better than my effort so hats off to them – and it was a chart hit. The Stanton Warriors did a sick bootleg mix of it.

I was having fun adding dancehall beats into every thing I did at the time and may be able to lay claim to the first 130 bpm dancehall tune in my remix of Hybrids ‘Skyscraper’ (see write up elsewhere here). It may have been coincidence but Aquasky did a sick tune in a similar vein soon after with Daddy Freddy called ‘Dem No Know We’ which I loved and caned. They made many of the ragga-breaks tunes I was playing at the time… talented bastards.”

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