Steve Reich – The Desert Music
(FreQ Nasty & BLIM Remix)

[Nonesuch – 1999]

Taken from the Nonesuch compilation ‘Reich: Remixed’ – 2×12″ Vinyl / CD

I had never heard of the legend that is Steve Reich before this, tho I learned to love his music over the few weeks that BLIM and I were working on this mix. He has helped shape the history of avant-guard music in the 20th century and it was a great honor to be involved in the project.

The long playing version of this story will be a future blog post, as I am flying from SF to the East Coast right now after a cracking gig in Edmonton and a few days in the studio making tunes with Knightriderz and need some sleep! I’ve written 9 pages of ‘thoughts’ (read: ‘ramblings’) on my back-catalog for the music pages of this site which will probably need a SERIOUS editing!

But I’ll get back to this remix tho as the process of making it, and in particular Mr Reich’s music, changed the way I heard music forever…”

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