That’s My Style

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[Skint Records – 2001]

01. That’s My Style
02. Goose

12? Vinyl

One of the early Skint releases from FreQ, now available on the ‘FreQ’s Rarities EP’. ‘Goose’ also featured on the 2003 album ‘Bring Me The Head Of FreQ Nasty’.

“‘That’s My Style’ was another of my breakbeat garage-style jams and did a pretty good job of bridging the gap between the cheesy garage elements and the dark side of breakbeat. I think the vocal was nicked from a DMX tune but I got London’s Spoonface to re-vocal it. Spoonface is incredible – he can sing or rap any style and imitate anyone, and he has his own dope sing-jay style mixing up the Jamaican dancehall and London Soul sounds. And he’s an ILL producer.

As an aside, I got asked to play this club night down in Australia a few years ago called ‘Nutshell Breaks’. It was a curious name for a club night and so when I got to Newcastle (just North of Sydney) I asked Dan, the promoter and DJ, where he came up with the name. He looked at me as if I was stupid and chanted “That’s… nut shell”. I stared blankly back at him. Again he chanted “That’s… nut shell. You know the lyrics of that tune you put out??. I creased up laughing and after picking myself up off the sidewalk and catching my breath I explained to him that it was “That’s MY STYLE? not “That’s NUT SHELL?. Funnily enough, if I ever hear it now I can only hear ‘That’s… nut shell’. Dan has since become Dan Aux, house producer extraordinaire and signed to Tommy Sunshine’s label in NYC while making tunes out of his newly adopted home (and my hometown) Auckland, New Zealand! The Nutshell circle is complete!

Nutshell Breaks (the club) went on for a good few years in Newcastle and I was very proud not only have a club named after one of my tunes but to be closely associated with the outer layer of organic matter that protects the source of most of my protein intake. Now ‘That’s… nut shell!?.

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