My new single – ‘Why?’ feat. Spoonface – is out now on High Chai Recordings! The original mix blends 808 Bass music with dubbed-out funkadelica, creating a sweet melodic but full frequency jam that reaches for the heart as well as the feet, featuring the haunting vocals of my good mate MC Spoonface from the UK. Check out Mr. Bill’s remix, a glitchy slice of breakbeat disco – stream it here.

Get the whole release here including the original and remixes by Snareophobe, The OriGinLz, and Mr. Bill.

‘Why’ contemplates the inexplicable nature of humankind and why we do what we do to each other, a theme more explicitly rendered in the hard-hitting artwork which was a collab with the awesome Tryga Design.   I was in 2 minds as to whether to go down this route with the artwork, but I believe the dialogue it will generate is more important than any confusion or controversy that might come about because of it.

The person in the picture is a real person with a family just like you and me and somehow ended up being tortured by non-military members of hired private armies fighting ‘on behalf of the American people. No trial, no due process of law. And for what? For who? Why?

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts – please think before you type.

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