Hi there FreQ’s, geeks, bass addicts, late night beat seekers, reborn ravers, and whatever else you consider yourself. Welcome and please make yourself at home at my new website. Mi casa su casa, so come in and chill.

I’m super proud to have this space to bring you regular doses of my current shenanigans from both on the road and the geek cave where the tunes are concocted. Along the way I’ll be serving up the latest in brand new FreQ Nasty tracks, unreleased material, DJ mixes and live events, as well as delivering tasty slices of anything else that interests me… and so far this includes a trip down memory lane to my squat party days, some ruminations on the nature and history of dance music, dub and rave culture, and some mystic bizzle where music and spirituality meet up at a club and freak each other out.

Aside from these rambling blogs (and I do mean RAMBLING), I hope you will find plenty more to amuse yourself with including photo galleries and videos, and all manners of tracks and mixes from the vaults in our Music section, where we are compiling a comprehensive FreQ Nasty discography with tracks streams, downloads and links to find new and old material wherever available. There’s also some behind-the-scenes blurb from me about the various releases.

But mostly I want to hear what you want from me. My job here is to give you as much FreQy goodness as you need, and that can come in any form. Do you want parts to remix? Do you want bootlegs of your favorite tracks? Do you have a wicked local MC you want me to make a track with? I can’t give you my vegetable lasagna recipe… well maybe in the Members section, but that’s not up until November… but I’ll consider anything else that won’t get me excommunicated or arrested.

So thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it and please grab some free music while you’re here. There’s that little box above (enter your email where it says ‘CLICK HERE’) where you grab the goodness. Leave a comment below or hit me up on my Facebook page if you have any comments, suggestions, secret hot spring locations etc, and we’ll stay in the loop that way. This is uber exciting for me, so thanks for being involved.

Darin – FreQ Nasty

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