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EZ crew – here’s a new FreQ Nasty DJ mix for you. It opens things out a little, taking in some sick down tempo wonkstep, a lot of West Coast Bass vibes, alongside the usual steaming drumstep and bleephall silliness that I play live. I’ve also journeyed thru a little Chicago footwork/juke vibes and some abstract soundscape bookends for your delectation.

There is so much good music out there right now and so much is being made in the US and flying under the Ddbstep radar, which now represents the mainstream. Does it even matter where music comes from now? In a digital age where we (the producers) all access the same digital distribution services to get our tunes out, does it matter where we upload them from? Or does it matter what node they are downloaded to? Probably not.

But still scenes seem to grow up locally before they become a globally shared phenomenon. Local still seems to matter in the gestation of a scene. As DJs we have all become global magpies picking up on a vibe or group of tracks or producers that are barely identifiable as a cohesive scene, and then play that “sound? around the world when many of the producers themselves may have never played out of their state. But many of these scenes in their earliest incarnations still grow from a close knit possee of producers who are in proximity of each other and making and playing their tunes together.

Regardless I wanted to rep some of the new artists that I am hearing out of the West Coast of the US/Canada as well as some of the interesting bits of juke/footwerk that is popping up outta Chicago as the creative passion of the underground digs deep and brings new and inspiring sounds to the table. Which of them will develop into a fully mature scenes? Or even blow up into the mainstream? Who knows, and in many ways it doesn’t matter. Sure, good music is global and very ephemeral in 2012. But our experience of it is still one that is rooted in a time and place, and we take those tunes we love forward with us as part of our experience of life, so some part of them lives on in us.

These are some of the tunes I’ve been living with and loving over the last little while – from my particular node in the universe. I hope it brings some vibes to yours.

Darin (FreQ Nasty)


01. Roly Porter – Corrin
I don’t know who Roly Porter is but I love his Phillip-Glass-like ambient electronic sound scapes sounding like they were recorded in a Studio somewhere on the Bladerunner set. UPDATE: Just found out that Roly Porter is Roly from Vex’d – the industrial bass pioneers, and dubstep forefathers 🙂

02. Robot Koch – Glassdrops feat John LaMonica
Robot Koch is making such amazing music right now. Deep smokey Wonk beats and lush vocals from John LaMonica. Listen to this and realize that everything is fine.

03. FreQ Nasty – Heart of Definitive Meaning
One of mine of the Low Frequency Pureland EP.

04. Take – Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix)
Some bleepy wonk from California’s Take and Dibiase on the remix, who brings the leftfield LA beats scene vibe without trying too hard to be anything. Effortless ease.

05. Eskmo – Come Back (Lorn Remix)
Some heavy zomby-step from Brainfeeder member Lorn’s remix of Eskmo outta San Fran. An odd lumbering tune with bass by the barrow load.

06. Chris B feat. Gladkill – New Beginnings
This tune kinda epitomizes the more melodic Cali bass stuff coming outta the West Coast of the US and Canada right now. Heavy funk and sweet melody. I messed with the tempo a lot but the vibe remains.

07. Death Star – Back It Up
The best tune off the collaborative EP between Mart Party and Minnesota out of California again… tho Marty has since moved to NYC.

08. Switch feat. Andrea Martin – I Still Love You (Acappella)
Chucked in this acapella from Switch’s last jam just cos I love the song. ☺

09. Knight Riderz – 1UP
Knight Riderz still bringing the heat, this was a staple of my sets for a long time and another great jam from the Canadian duo outta Edmonton. I love their mix of dancehall and crunk without compromising either.

10. EPROM – Shoplifter (Slugabed Remix Edit)
EPROM’s stuff is sick and here he churns out this weirdly abstract Bleephall tune but somehow it is straight up dance floor heat. I edited it a bit and have been playing it since it came out , I need rehab from this tune!

11. FreQ Nasty – Drum Play (Mash Up The Front Step Edit)
Re-lick of the b-side from my “Dread At The Controls” single.

12. FreQ Nasty – Warm Dark Place
Another one of mine of the “Low Frequency Pureland EP”.

13. Terravita – Up In The Club (Edit)
Terravita have been in on the Drumstep vibe from day one and creating megalithic half time drum and Bass vibes that seem to go across well anywhere. Most of them are like this – deceptively simple and very very heavy. Awesome.

14. Captain PANIC! – Screamer (Urban Assault Remix)
Another Drumstep banger that takes the high wibble of Dr P and spreads it out over a drumstep banger. Not one to put on while over at the Grandparents for tea…. It’s a bit scary.

15. Tyke & Callide – Set Style (FreQ Nasty Re-Edit #2)
It’s a calypso/drumstep collision and is infeasibly heavy and relentless. So much so that I edited the tune up a bit to create another half time bit to allow the dancefloor to catch its breath.

16. Phillip D Kick – Krome + Time – The License (Footwork Edit)
PDK has done a number of these juke mashups with vintage jungle tunes and it makes perfect sense. They’re both at a similar tempo and both are raw and unpolished but with heavy on the vibes. Sick remix.

17. Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul
Another sick footwork track outta Chicago. Kind of like 808 jungle with Kanye guesting on vocal sample selection. The US is on fire now with electronic music blowing up in the mainstream and many more amazing club scenes innovating outside the mainstream dance music culture. Go hard Chi town!

18. King Fantastic – Warning Shot (Knight Riderz Remix)
These guys are so so sick. More crunked out hip hop with crazy bass drops. We’re working on a couple of tracks now for a single later this year, so look out for em in 2012.

19. FreQ Nasty – 1000 Buddhas Of The Pureland Of Bass
Another one of mine of the “Low Frequency Pureland EP”.

20. Zen Death Squad – Superman (ZDS Remix)
This tune bought a big smile to my face. Roger Troutmans early ’80s vocoder classic gets a re-reub from London’s Zen Death Squad. How can you not like this? ☺

21. Roly Porter – Arrakis
Roly again just to bring things home. Epic sci-fi theme music with a haunting mournful string that somehow manages to be uplifting at the same time. Is reflective the right word? Amazing.

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